Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Hey guys,

So this post requires some story time. Earlier this year I embarked on a journey to make this the healthiest year of my life. I wanted to feel my best mentally and physically. Also, I created some fitness goals like gain flexibility, strength, and become more toned. I really want some abs y’all. Mostly because I never pushed myself in this area and now I’m addicted to the process haha (in a healthy way)

PSA: As I continue this story I want to be clear about one thing… I am not complaining, I don’t think this is the end of the world, and I am truly happy with my journey. I just want to be as open as possible with my experience.

For a while, it seemed my routine was working. I was dropping inches and seeing improvements, but then… it just stopped. I am hanging on to fat in certain areas like my lower belly, hips, and arms, and I don’t seem to be gaining muscle (that I can see anyway)

I won’t lie. For a while, I was frustrated. I was doing the hardest workouts I have ever done, and eating clean and balanced. I do have some gut issues that contribute to all of this, but I knew it couldn’t be causing all of my issues.

So I went to school. I studied articles, research papers, and have been reading books. I feel so beyond thankful for this part of my journey. For many reasons that I will save for another post, but I was able to de-bunk so many myths, challenge my thinking, but also help me shift focus to be more holistic in my journey.

Stress and our hormones play a HUGE role in our ability to gain and lose weight. It’s absolutely vital that we care for ourselves and combat stress along the way to avoid some of the symptoms I listed above. (I go into more detail in this post)

So here are some of the myths I have de-bunked while on my journey! I hope you enjoy!

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