Don’t Disappear in your 20’s

I want to share something that I found to be incredibly inspiring and beautiful. I was listening to my absolute favorite podcast, “The Ed Mylett Show,” and he was talking about how we should seek change within ourselves and for our lives, and there should not be a cutoff for growth. 

Life wants us to settle down, to conform, to slow down, to be realistic. This results in a 30 year old who is the same person they were when they were 20. 

Ed discussed a belief that he has that helps drive him to ignore these life messages, and to strive for growth. This belief is grounded in religion but can easily be applied to any belief system you may have. 

Ed states “When we die and we arrive in heaven we are greeted by person we could have become – the person we were born to be, and the absolute best version of ourselves. This person achieved absolutely everything that was in his path. The goal is that me and this version of myself are twins. We will not be strangers. I want to recognize him as myself, and I want to know him.” 

The only way we accomplish this is by growing. By making it an obsession to constantly grow and replace parts of ourselves. This requires being uncomfortable, and growing in self-confidence. 

Think of it like working out. In order to grow our muscles we have to INTENTIONALLY break them down and then build them back up again. Sometimes to grow we may have to start over, to experience pain, and experience discomfort. 

So how do we do this: 


  1. Bring people into your life who make you want to do more and be more
  2. Be intentional and specific with the type you growth you want (None of that general and vague bs)
  3. Keep the promises that you make to yourself (Want to wake up early? Well, get that booty out of bed. Want to eat better? Well, start stocking your kitchen with the best foods.) 
  4. Feed your brain. (Read, listen to podcasts, engage with people who differ from you) 
  5. Be uncomfortable (What this article is about)
  6. Create momentum with small wins  


By momentum, Ed means creating force that builds on itself. So, take little steps every day that give results which will cause excitement to do and accomplish more therefore causing you to do more action. The more you accomplish the more you will commit to the cycle. 


The reason this stuck with me so much was simply the thought of meeting who I could have and not at all knowing who she is. To learn all that I could have accomplished if I had just stayed focused, confident, and brave. 

What about you? Who will you be? Will you be the stranger, or the twin? 


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