My 5 Nutritional Practices I cannot live without


These are the 5 nutrition habits that I follow each and every day. 

As we recently learned, I have a history with disordered eating. This means I make a conscious effort every day to fuel my body properly and to be mindful of my negative thinking. Luckily, those moments are rare and fleeting. But these practices have definitely kept me sane and healthy. 

Healthy eating can seem daunting to anyone so I wanted to share these five tips in case they help you not only develop healthy habits, but maybe to mend the relationship you have with food/eating. 

  1. Consistency and Routine 

I don’t strive for perfection- I strive for consistency. My diet and lifestyle must be something I can maintain for a long period of time.  Everything I do is something that I can seamlessly do and apply every day. This has allowed me to create a healthy lifestyle that I crave. 


  1. Mindful Intuitive Eating

Some days I am craving all the foods. Some days I want simple small meals because I am not as hungry. Both are great. I simply listen to my body and give it what it needs. I use the word mindful, because I do have to apply some mindful eating being a vegan. I know I need to work a little bit harder to get some nutrients so I just make sure I don’t lack anything in my day, and if I feel like I didn’t do a great job with that I just take a supplement that day. 


  1. Balance

I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. I have been incorporating fruits into my diet daily which has helped a lot, but I usually have something sweet every day. And, I am more than happy to do this. If it is what makes your healthy lifestyle manageable go for it. 


  1. Healthy Self-Discipline 

Like I said. I allow myself sweets when I crave it. However, I make healthy choices. For instance, I usually make my own sweets so I can make them a bit healthier and cleaner. I just make sure that I stay healthy with this. I don’t lose my shit if I eat out or have ice cream. I just try my best. 


  1. Getting a variety of whole foods 

I have mentioned this a few times, but I follow the rule of the daily dozen. Basically I use this as a roadmap for my meals and try to get in as many different foods as I possibly can.



If you’re looking for ways to mend a relationship with food, or are simply starting a healthy lifestyle these tips will be so useful! Definitely give them a try and see how you feel!



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