My Updated Morning Routine

I truly believe it is the little things that we do in our daily routine that make or break us. Have you ever felt this overwhelming feeling of “blah”? Well, I have. 

The first thing I did was take a look at my routine. What was I doing all day long? How did I spend my mornings? How was I going to bed? How was I getting my ish done? 

What I discovered was my routine was shit. For a quick example, I would wake up and immediately grab my phone. I would scroll my instagram. Then just spend the rest of the day going in circles trying to make things happen. I would go to bed completely defeated. 

Here’s why. My mornings had zero intention. There was no purpose. Also, I would immediately compare myself, my life, and my day to what I would see on my feed (even if I didn’t think that was happening) 

I would go through the day feeling inspired through my own vision and thoughts, but would shut them down because it wasn’t “as good” as what I had seen. The more time that went on, the further I got from myself. 

All of this to say, I no longer look at my phone in the am. 

So, what is my anxiety free morning routine? Well, honestly it starts the night before. 

So, the night before I lay out my gym clothes, plan out the next day, and plug my phone in the outlet furthest from my bed. 

Those three things set me up for success in the am. Laying out my gym clothes ensures that I put them on and get to the gym. 

Planning my day ensures that when I wake up- I am ready for the day. There is no question about what I have to do, or what the intention is. 

Keeping my phone away from me ensures that I have to get out of bed to turn it off. 

The first thing I do post turning off my alarm is stumble into the living room and open the door to the patio and breathe in the fresh air. Most days, the sun isn’t out yet, but if it is I step outside and let the sun wake me up. 

I then make my warm lemon water. There is mixed evidence on the benefits of warm lemon water, but lemon itself has a ton of health benefits. FOr instance, lemon has lots of vitamin C, improves digestion, skin appearance, and hydration.The lemon water has definitely improved my digestion (and, bowel movements ; ])  and I’m here for it. 

Along with my lemon water, I make myself a cup of coffee in order to wake the f up because I can’t think straight in the morning without a lil taste of coffee. Sad, but true. 

Then I set out my mat and meditate. This is a new practice and I’m doing it every day for 30 days. Whilst building my morning routine I looked into the morning routines of successful people and almost all of them meditate. So- I am giving it a try. 

That’s the beauty of routines you can take ideas from others and either add or remove it from your routine depending on whether or not you like it. There’s zero pressure. 

Anyway… meditating so far has been… interesting. My mind is never quiet so I have to do a grounding practice before I even start. Grounding is a practice for those with anxiety and takes about 2-5 min. It just grounds you to where you are and increases mindfulness. 

I meditate for about 10-15 min. Nothing crazy. I haven’t done it long enough to have an opinion, but I will say it is a great way to challenge your mind to just be in the moment. Something I don’t think I ever do. 

Then I either head to the gym, or get working depending on whether or not I am heading into work. If I am not going into work that day I will usually start working. Whether I am blogging, creating content, planning videos, or engaging on insta depends on the day. 

If I am going into work that day I will head to the gym since I NEVER want to work out when I get home after work. 

I always have a small breakfast (unless I am fasting that day) that consists of fruit. I usually go for some fruit and yogurt, plain fruit bowl, fruit with granola, or a protein smoothie. 

Then I am officially done with my morning routine. 

My daily routine changes depending on whether or not I am at work and then what kind of work day I am having. However, the morning never changes. 


What is your fav part of your morning routine?  If you don’t really have one yet- I suggest you make a list of some of the things that you love about your mornings and look into adding a few extra things that you discover from others. It can be as simple as texting good morning to three friends. Whatever it may be, make it intentional and a representation of what you want your days to look like. 




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