Anxiety Diaries Pt. 1

Anxiety can be a real bitch. There is no other way of saying it. (If you know then you know.) 

I have battled with anxiety on and off since I was nine years old. It surfaced at the same time as learning long division, and has remained as a lead character in my life ever since. 

It comes in waves. Some days, weeks even, I will feel amazing. Then one random day, I wake up in the biggest pit. Suddenly, I don’t know how to make sense of the world, and I am moving in a completely different way. 

Saturday was one of those days for me. I woke up feeling that tight feeling in my chest, was extra irritable, and felt this need to cry. 

The whole week I had been having trouble sleeping. I was having racing thoughts, feelings like I forgot something, and slight OCD tendencies (like having to check if the front door was locked three times.) 

These anxious behaviors ONLY happen when I’m about to be in the pit of anxiety. However, I ignored them. I had a lot going on this week and I had ripped myself from my routine in order to manage it all. 


Terrible Idea. But, it happens. In times of stress and overwhelm, we love to overlook our bodies messages telling us to slow down. 

So when I woke up on Saturday, I knew I had to move a little slower than normal. I laid with Wyatt in bed watching Breaking Bad, and allowed my body to slowly transition into the day. 

Then I hit the gym. Working out is  an essential part of my daily routine, and is the best way to curb anxiety. It gets the endorphins running, and is the only time of the day when my brain is silent. 

My favorite type of workout when anxious is walking or running, yoga, or my favorite weighted workouts (aka the booty.) I just put in headphones and go. 

After the workout, I made my favorite breakfast. A smoothie bowl. I know I know cliche af but I don’t care. I like to add spirulina and maca in the smoothie mixture for the mood balancing properties. 

Then I applied some aromatherapy. I have been loving essential oils lately, and I have some go-tos for anxiety. I love the “Cheer up Butter Cup” by NOW Foods, or Chamomile/Lavender Mix of my own creation when feeling anxious. 

Then I sat down and practiced gratitude by writing five things I’m grateful for. I love doing this when I’m having anxiety to prevent the tunnel vision of negativity that we can generally experience. 

Then I hit the tea. I decided to blend a combination of Pukka Tea’s peppermint and cleanse. This was a brilliant call since it helped me wind down and cleansed the system at the same time.

Finally, I crawled into bed with Wyatt and just enjoyed his company and the present moment. 

I can confidently say that all of this helped my anxiety tremendously. I know that I will carry it with me for a few days, but the weight has definitely lightened. 

All we can do in moments of anxiety is take small manageable steps. These small steps will be what makes the BIG difference. 

What do you like to do when you feel a pit? 



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