3 Delicious Nice Cream Recipes

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Many of you may have seen this title and thought “What the heck is Nice Cream?” If this was you, sit down because I am about to rock your world. Nice cream is basically frozen bananas blended to create an exact dupe of ice cream. Revolutionary, I know!

I have been obsessed with nice cream for such a long time, and I am happy to share that I have officially mastered the texture to make it fluffy, thick, and creamy.

The key is to use as little liquid as possible. If you are using fresh fruit or juicy fruit (like papaya) then you won’t need to add any liquid at all. Also, you want your bananas ripe and frozen. I like to freeze a bunch of bananas every week just so I am ready for smoothies and bowls.

Now if you are worried about consuming bananas you can add avocado, papaya, or frozen cauliflower and it will come out just as creamy.

I uploaded the recipe video to my Youtube channel so check that out if you want step by step directions on how to make the perfect bowl of nice cream! See it HERE

The Recipes:

***Each Recipe will make two servings***

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bowl


The Dough

1 can of chickpeas

1/2 c peanut butter

2-4 tbs maple syrup or agave

vanilla extract and cinnamon


The Base

6 bananas

2-4 tbs cacoa powder

1 tbs pb

2 dates

splash of plant milk (you can always add more so don’t go overboard)


Berrylicious Bowl


The Base

6 bananas

1 cup berries of choice

2 tsp pitaya powder

splash of plant milk

Optional: Maca Powder


The Green Nice Cream Bowl



The Base

4-5 bananas

1/2 avocado

1-2 dates (optional)

Vanilla and Cinnamon

Splash of plant milk


***Feel free to top with whatever toppings you prefer***


I hope you guys enjoy these recipes! Leave a comment with your favorite Nice Cream recipes!


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