5 Healthy Habits That Changed my Life

So this year is all about GROWTH and CHANGE. I have adapted so many habits into my life in order to make my lifestyle the healthiest it has ever been both physically and mentally. I wanted to share a few of the habits that have completely changed my life.

I have many more that have shaped my life in one way or another, but I was able to take the list down to my top 5 habits! I hope you enjoy!

  1. Stop Worrying about Calories and focus on ingredients


I spent YEARS hung up on counting calories. I truly thought that calories mattered far more than the actual nutrients I was putting in my body. The problem with this mindset (other than it’s a restrictive way of thinking) is that you often choose food items with added chemicals or sugars because they are marked “100 Calories” or “No fat.”

Today, my focus is on the ingredients list. If it’s clean, healthy, and plant-based – I’m in. Most of the time, I won’t even pay attention to the calorie content.

***I will make a post on calories and nutrition labels***


2. Let Go of the Cheat Day Mentality

Your goal should be to build a lifestyle that you crave. If this means having a piece of chocolate (or five) a day so be it. Just focus on what works for you. For me, I actually crave healthy foods. Even when I am on vacation I still crave all of the foods I usually eat because it’s what I LOVE, and it’s a lifestyle for me, not a diet. If you tell yourself to eat “clean” every day except for the weekend then you will spend the week dreading your meals. Eat for health not for empty gains.


3. Don’t rely on motivation- Rely on your environment

Often, we make goals surrounding our health when we feel motivated to make the change so we assume that the fire to change will stay with us throughout the process. The problem with that mindset is that motivation comes and goes. You will not wake up everyday wanting to go for a run, to eat a certain way, or to work on that project of yours. We fail to take advantage of the most important and easiest tool we have… our environment. Many studies have shown that your environment shapes your choices and habits. We can mold our environments to promote the goals and choices we want.

For instance, want to drink more water? Place a glass of water in each room of your apartment and you will find yourself drinking hella water. Want to eat more whole foods and less junk food? Don’t buy the junk food and stock your kitchen with healthy snacks. Even more than that, many of us shop at the same store each week. By choosing a new store, you are more likely to make new choices when buying your food rather than relying on your usual purchases.


4. Change your mindset and identity

This may sound weird, but just stay with me… we often make goals based on a desired outcome (i.e. outcome based goals.) These goals are great, but the habits and mindset will not continue longterm. What we need to create are Identity based goals. Identity based goals are ones that determine the type of person you want to be. For instance, instead of saying “I want abs so I will be doing ___, ____, and ___.” Instead ask yourself, “what is the type of person that would have abs?” The answer is dedicated, persistent, patient, and healthy. Those become the focus of your goals.

Without changing our identities we will most likely fall back on the same habits and routines, because we have not changed the idea we have of ourselves with it. One study examined people trying to quit smoking. Those that reported “I don’t smoke.” when offered a cigarette were 2x more likely to remain tobacco free one month later, whereas those who said, “No thanks. I’m trying to quit.” Were more likely to start smoking again within a month.

By changing who we see ourselves as we are allowing ourselves to take on new habits and routines.


5. Knowing your worth

Damn. I wish I had this one 100% down. I don’t. But here’s the thing, we tend to be so so hard on ourselves. We tell ourselves we aren’t capable of achieving everything that we want, and it results in us making choices that basically self sabatage our goals and keep us living small. Decide you are worthy of absolutely everything and go for it. There is literally nothing about you that separates you from those that are living successful lives in whatever area you are working towards.



If you want to hear all of my healthy habits then head over to my YouTube channel. Or, just follow this link to my video.

What are some of your favorite habits for a healthy lifestyle?


All the best,

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