How to Stick to Healthy Goals and Resolutions

Hey guys,

If you know anything about me at all then you know that I love living a healthy lifestyle. I am constantly infusing my life with healthy habits and routines that can improve how I feel both on the inside and the outside.

Each year, I create health focused goals in three different categories.

  1. Physical (fitness, endurance, appearance, specific performance based fitness)
  2. Emotional (self -care, self-love, personal or professional improvements)
  3. Health (diet, routine, beauty)

These three categories combined create my healthy lifestyle. I made a lot of goals this year regarding my health. I feel like 2018 brought so much growth, but it also kicked my ass. I went through a lot emotionally and physically. I want to be better this year.

My Goals and Resolutions:


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  1. Get lean and toned- Have Abs – I know that this may seem vain, but I have never had abs (or, even one single ab.) I want to push myself in my fitness, and see my body in a new way. It just seems fun!
  2. Do a handstand/headstand (yoga)- I want to be able to do more advanced poses and flows in yoga. I know that I will have to build upper body strength in order to do this.
  3. Be able to run 3+ miles without resting- I can run long distances no problem, but I struggle to not take breaks due to mild asthma. I get really wheezy so I want to get better at pushing through.
  4. Stretch at least 10 min daily



  1. Let go of perfectionism and become more courageous with putting myself out there
  2. Practice more self-love
  3. Be more upfront and honest with myself and others- I hold back how I really feel a lot
  4. Read before bed each day
  5. Wake up at 5 am Monday-Saturday




  1. Improve my gut health- I have terrible digestion (IBS) it affects how I digest, process, and take in nutrients. I want to be able to achieve my fitness goals, but I know that I won’t be able to without fixing my gut first.
  2. Eat clean, balanced, and more green- I just want to increase the good food. Not necessarily eliminate anything. Just add more.
  3. Take better care of my hair and skin- vitamins, products, taking time to care for my body
  4. Read one health focused book a month (12 books)


So, how do I ensure that I don’t get overwhelmed and quit? How do I make these goals last?


Tips and Practices to ensure success:

  1. Make sure goals are SMART



2. Keep a journal to track goals and do weekly or daily self-assessments

If you want to eat better, you can do a food log. If you want to workout more, keep a log of your workouts and take progress pics.

3. Know your motivation behind each goal

This ensures that you stick to them. If you don’t know your WHY behind it than you will most likely give up when it gets a little difficult.

4. Take it day by day and step by step

For example, one of my goals is to wake up at 5 am Monday- Saturday. So the week before the new year I started to wake up a little earlier each day. This allowed me to adjust without starting all at once. Plus, I was able to learn and tweak the routine. (I learned that it’s really only beneficial to wake up this early if you have a plan. I spent the first couple of days stumbling around the apartment confused.)

5. Practice manifestation or simply visualize what it will be like to accomplish these goals

This one is my favorite! It’s something I will be actively increasing this year. I am all about creating vision boards, and working imagery into our goal setting. If you journal, try adding some aspects of drawing into your entries. Also, spend a little time when you create your goals envisioning what it will look like when you achieve the goal. Then keep visualizing it. Put pictures up that remind you of the goal. Assign the goal a color so that you will continue to associate success with that goal with the color.

6. Take an objective approach

Know that you will most likely make mistakes, need adjustments, or need to go in a completely different direction. Being able to take a step back at what you are doing/working on and say, “What can I do differently to make this work?” Is key. For instance, if you are following rule number two then you will be able to see via ratings, numbers, or how you feel is something is working. If you see no improvement, start looking at what can be done better and then do something different.

7. Have an accountability partner

Talk about your goals with someone and have them check in with you to see how you are doing. It works best when that person is also going after some goals so you can do the same for them. Plus, if you find someone who has similar goals as you-you can work together.

8. Have a plan

This is key if you are starting a new routine. If you are trying to workout more this year, know exactly what that will look like. Will you be running? Will you be going to the gym or a group class? If you are working out at the gym, I suggest writing out a few workouts from Youtube or Pinterest so you know what you will be doing each workout rather than aimlessly wondering the gym.

9. Use your resources

There is so much information out there. If you get stuck, lose motivation, or want to know how to improve use google, instagram, youtube, books, or podcasts. Look for answers and know that the solution is out there.

10. Define what “healthy” means to you

Everyone’s version of a healthy lifestyle will look and feel differently. It’s important that you get to know your needs, and learn to listen to your body so that you can create a lifestyle that works for you. There is no need to compare or to copy someone else’s life exactly. Be inspired by others, but always stay true to your needs.

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I hope you all are enjoying the new year! This is the year that we will conquer all of our goals and create our healthiest lives yet. I wish you all the best!


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