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Well, our trip to Hawaii is officially over. We had the best time in Oahu! I am so absolutely thankful for all that we were able to do on this trip. We were so lucky and had the best weather while we were there. It didn’t rain until the day we left, which is so fortunate because we had a jam packed schedule.

There were a few things that made our trip do-able, and I want to share them with you. First, we stayed in an AirBnB in a central location. Our AirBnB was located near Moana Falls, which means it was located up in the mountainous area. I loved it! It was so nice to spend the day in the more touristy parts, and then go back to our quiet oasis. Second, we rented a jeep the whole time we were there. Honestly, this made our trip possible. We would have spent a lot of money trying to uber everywhere we wanted to go. Not to mention, it makes the trip a lot more enjoyable to be able to control how and when you go somewhere. Third, we did some of our own food shopping while we were there, which helped us stay consistent with eating healthy, saved money, and was convenient when we knew we were going to be hiking or at the beach all day.

I have been trying to think how to best write this blog, and I have decided to break it up in categories: 

Food (Not all of these are vegan, but all are delicious : ] ) 

  1. What it Dough (Pizza)
  2. Peace Cafe
  3. Ruffage Natural Foods
  4. Nobu
  5. Banan
  6. Leahi Health
  7. Island Vintage Coffee
  8. V-Land Tacos
  9. Elephant Thai
  10. Wow Wow Lemonade
  11. Instapressed

What to Do:

  1. Moana Falls Hike
  2. Kealia Trail
  3. Koko Crater
  4. North Shore (Make sure to get the Coconut Peanut Butter- It’s the best)
  5. Sunset Beach
  6. Waikiki Beach
  7. Paddle Boarding
  8. Paddle Board Yoga
  9. Helicopter Tour (Doors Off)
  10. Kokolilo Beach Park
  11. Diamond Head
  12. Kayak
  13. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve (snorkeling)
  14. Surfing (we did Waikiki-near Diamond Head) 

Oahu is a huge island, and although we tried- we didn’t get to do everything we wanted to do. If you go be sure to try and check out the pillbox hike, crouching lion hike, and stairway to heaven (illegal, but apparently not impossible.)  

Pictures:  (Check out my Instagram for a lot more!)

I loved every minute of this trip! Where to next? 

All the best,

Taylor K

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