How to Perform a Mini Life Makeover

It’s almost halfway through 2018! Crazy. As the halfway mark approaches I have been feeling the itch to change up some things (a spring cleaning of sorts.) I can feel a shift coming in both myself and my life. I am inspired by new things, and feel myself growing in a new direction. It’s exciting, and I want to create a space for all of the changes to occur. For that reason, I have created a list of ways to perform a mini makeover of my life. I included a step for every aspect of my life so that I get a bit of everything, but you can just tackle one of these items to change just one part of your life.

8 Ways to Perform a Mini Life Makeover

1.Create mental changes


When performing a life makeover I feel it’s necessary to work on your mental state first. You can tackle any surface level thing on this list, but if you don’t work on and adjust what is going on mentally, than big changes will most likely not occur. We grow and learn things everyday, and I think it’s important that we never stop taking these new things and adapting with them. If we remain stuck or rooted in our current ways of thinking, we miss out on opportunities to find new ways to find joy or new ways of seeing the world. An easy way to do this is to read books on things that are outside of our current ways of thinking or living, talking with those who are different from us, and doing independent activities like writing in a daily journal.

2.  Changes

Change up hair, paint nails with a new color, create fitness goals, get a piercing, or just get a new product that you have been eyeing. I always feel a burst of energy when I change up the way I present myself to the world. I feel like a completely different person and that can add an element of excitement. I want to be clear that I am talking about healthy changes here. I understand that this can be easily turned into a unhealthy or self-defeating act. I don’t want that. When I go about making physical changes I think about why it is that I want to do it. I make sure that it’s 100% for me, and that it adds value to my life.

3. Update your environment

Re-decorate, perform some feng shui, surround yourself with things that feel good, try new hangout spots, and go new places to meet people. When I move things around in my living space, or change where I work or hangout, I feel a whole new creative drive that wasn’t there before, and it brings a sense of clarity to my life. If I keep things the same for too long I feel foggy and uninspired.

4. Go through your things and get rid of what no longer serves you

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you don’t use it-get rid of it. I always donate my things to local charities so that I know it won’t be unused. Some of my favorites are, Dress For Success, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and habitat for humanity.

5. Set new goals and intentions

I see this as an extension to number 1. When I make new goals and intentions for myself I create new reasons to be motivated. Make sure the goals are achievable, measurable, and have purpose.

6. Create new healthy habits

Go to bed and wake up early, fight procrastination, be willing to learn and experience something new, learn how to prioritize and balance your life, and understand you are not perfect but self-correct anyways.

7. Reflect

Take time and evaluate where you are at now, what you are proud of, not so proud of, and what you want to accomplish. Do more of what works, less of what doesn’t, and do number 5 to accomplish these new things.

8. Write Letter to yourself

Write what you want to gain from this makeover, and what it would mean to you to accomplish these things. Write about where you are at currently and where you see yourself being. Refer back to the letter throughout your journey and take note of how much you have changed and grown since you wrote it.

All the best,

Taylor K

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