50 Ways to Brighten up your Mood

“Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love.”

– Bradley Whitford


Life is filled with cycles of ups and downs. Just as it is promised that there will be highs- there is sure to be lows. There is just no way to avoid the inevitable. However, we have the power to change the way we perceive and react to the hard times. I like to remember that I can only control so much, and one of the things I have complete control over is how I feel. We have the power to choose happiness over sadness, or light over darkness. I try my hardest to choose light and happiness. I have created a list of ways to help brighten my mood, and I like to refer to it when needed. Some of my go-to’s are 1, 2, 6, 7, 12, 32, 38, 46. I usually instantly feel better, and am more likely to see a solution to my problem. Of course, sometimes what we really need is time, but there is nothing wrong with a quick fix. Just remember that the hours will turn to days, the days to weeks, and so on. Eventually, you will be sipping a cup of coffee, and it will occur to you that you are doing better than ever.

Feel free to add to the list!

All the best,
Taylor K

50 Ways to Brighten Your Mood:

  1. Decorate your environment
  2. Yoga/ Meditation
  3. Dance it out
  4. Do a face mask
  5. Do your nails in a fun color
  6. Grab a coffee at your favorite coffee shop
  7. Workout
  8. Get some flowers for your space
  9. Play with your pet
  10. Hug someone
  11. Watch your favorite t.v. show
  12. Go outside
  13. Do something creative
  14. Buy your favorite dessert
  15. Make plans with a friend
  16. Garden
  17. Go to a beach, lake, or whatever body of water is near you
  18. Go for a drive to nowhere and blast your favorite music
  19. Try something new
  20. Make new goals
  21. Light a candle
  22. Call someone close to you
  23. Watch funny videos on YouTube
  24. Splurge on something you’ve had your eye on
  25. Read an uplifting/motivating book
  26. Listen to an uplifting podcast
  27. Go see a movie
  28. Grab a drink with friends
  29. Try a new café
  30. Clean up your living space
  31. Sing your heart out
  32. Read inspirational quotes
  33. Make a dream board
  34. Vent it out
  35. Plan ways to make it better
  36. Practice affirmations
  37. Color
  38. Write in a journal
  39. Go for a walk or run
  40. Talk to someone new
  41. Look in the mirror and smile until you actually feel it
  42. Take a nap
  43. Cry it out- sometimes you just have to
  44. Cook something colorful
  45. Write down a list of all of the things you have recently accomplished
  46. Think about when you have felt down before and what helped you feel better- do that!
  47. Practice thought stopping. Every time a negative thought pops up imagine a stop sign and replace it with positive thoughts
  48. Take a shower or bath
  49. Picture yourself achieving what you want and go after it
  50. Know that this too shall pass

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